Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thomas The Train Birthday Party

My son just turned 3 and we threw him a Thomas The Train party.  I spent weeks looking on pinterest and blogs for I thought I would share some pictures from his party for others who might be looking for ideas.

The invitations:  I tried to make them look like train tickets.

The decorations:  I purchased a banner and a scene setter.  Plus the "pin the steam pipe" game doubled for a decoration as well.

As guest arrived:  I set up a small train set for the kids to play with while waiting for the party to start.

The spread:  I loved the idea of making a train for the food.  I was trying to keep everything in Thomas colors so I added paper and titles to the train cars so they weren't just silver.  I also displayed a picture from "Day Out with Thomas" of my son.

Games:  It's really hard coming up with games for 2 and 3 year olds. 

Conductor Says (like Simon Says).....turned into the kids just jumping and dancing after only a few minutes...but it was really cute to watch.

Pin the Steam Pipe (like pin the tail on the donkey).  The kids needed a little parent help for this one.  The Thomas blindfold was hilarious.


Push Trains...I was gonna have the kids race them...but ended up just letting them have free play with them.


The cake: I had a ton of trouble ordering this cake and cupcakes.  I went to four different places (two weeks before the party) and none of them had the supplies.  I ended up having to buy the toppers from a cake decorating supply place and then add them myself.  But the cake HAS to match the theme!


The goody bags: I love the idea of the engineers hat, bandana and train whistle....but I could only find them in bulk.  And I didn't want to buy a dozen of each when I only needed three of each.  So, I went with the little trinket toys and candy...which had to be all red and blue.


Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at pictures of Avery's party.  And if you are planning a Thomas party for your own little one, I hope this helped.  :)

Little Cave Man

This post is WAY overdue!  It is from Halloween last year...and seeing as how Halloween is only 5 months away....very overdue.  But, I just wanted to share the costume I bought/made for my son.

The dinosaur was purchased.  When I saw it I thought it was adorable.  The child's feet go inside the dino's back feet so the dino actually moves.  However, when I got to thinking about it...that left the "dino rider" without feet.  So, I thought..what would be cuter than a caveman riding the dino?  I'm not a I upcycled.  I bought a pair of leggings and dyed them tan and stuffed them for legs.  I did sew some felt feet and glued on the toenails.  I wanted the feet to be kinda oversized for a more comical look.  I bought a long sleeved cheetah print dress, cut a zigzag on the bottom and cut the arms off.  I also cut some wrist and ankle wraps from the sleeves.  Then I made a necklace and added bones to the wrist wraps.  I love how it turned out!
Here are a few more pics.