Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sweet Baby Boy

This month we had to scraplift 3 layouts over at Creative Swappers.  Do you ever have one piece of paper that works perfectly for your layout....but you don't have enough?  I thought the blue polka dot paper was perfect.  I HAD just enough.  That is until my blade caught and I had to cut a piece off because of it.  Well, I still had enough even after that.  BUT THEN crazy me wasn't thinking and somehow put my paper in my cutter the wrong what I thought was 7 x 12....turned out to be 7 x 11. And there wasn't enough left to cut another piece.  Rrrrrggggg.  Luckily it was "big box store" paper and even though I had bought it over a year ago they still carried it.  Scrapbook layout saved!!


Close up of the left page...not sure if you can tell but some of the letters in the title sticker are blue polka dots which is why I thought the blue polka dot paper is perfect

And close up of the right page

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